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>Everything Happens for a Reason

>Last night at church, we were discussing how easy it is to make idols in our hearts. God is jealous of this, and the faster you can clense yourself of them, the better. I have been pondering to myself over the past couple weeks about if I have any idols. Funny how you always hear the sermon being directed at you. In the midst of my tears from the Spirit moving thru the church, I had a revelation.

Ciggarettes are my idols. They are the only thing that stands between me, and my thoughts of God. I don’t bow down to worship them..but I do wish that some things would hurry up and end so I can smoke. Now, I haven’t felt that way towards the sermons, but I have caught my mind wandering a few times while in church towards that next drag.

It was the end of the service, and I was singing, and crying, and that knot in my heart was there. I knew that this was my problem, and I prayed for God to help me. When we got back in the car..there they were. I tried not to look at them, but Seth lit one for himself, and then handed me mine. Being the feeble minded person I am, I took it, and hated myself the whole time I smoked it. I was thinking in my head, ‘God, why am I having so much trouble with this? Please help me! Show me why I cannot stop!’

I belive that the Lord works in mysterious ways.

Have you ever just started talking to a random passerby?  I had just finished my lunch, and I went outside to smoke.  There was a man sitting on the side walk eating pizza from our neighboring Little Ceasars.  I lit my ciggarette, and studied the man.  He was sitting next to a bike (assumed it was his), and minding his own business.  I noticed that he had on old blue jeans, with paint splatters. 

I asked him if he was working today.  He said, “No, I used to work, but now I am retired.  I had a heart attack a few years ago, and now I just do what the doctor says.  I’ve been working in the yard, and these are the best clothes for that.”

Then I asked him if he went to church.  He said, “Well, I used to go to this Baptist church in Pasadena, but the congregation fell apart when some of the members tried to take over the church…to many politics.”  I innvited him to come to our church.  He was interested.  We kept talking about it, and then about kids and grandkids…marrige, and how silly life is.  When I was finished smoking, I went back inside and got a little card that I had picked up from Wednesday night Bible Study that gives directions to the church.  He said, “Thanks, I hope to see you there.”  His name is Buddy Smith.

Is the reason for my addiction this one encounter?  I believe that it could be.  Buddy is not the only person I have talked to about church while dealing with ciggarettes.  Just this morning, before work, I was talking to the guy at CVS who always sells me my ciggarettes.  He quit smoking some time back, and has been dealing with lots of stress at home.  I presented him with one of those cards, and he gladly took it, and said, “Yeah, I’ll be looking for you.”

Why do things happen?  I wrote a short memoire after Ethan was born about how everything happens for a reason.  Even in those God-less days, I was right on the money.  Imagine how much better my life could have been if I had been walking with Jesus.  You can’t go back, but you can be thankful for the decisions that have led you to where you are now, and where you will be going.  Perhaps my days of smoking have just been leading up to this time.  Maybe now I can finally kick the habit, but don’t get your hopes up…


One thought on “>Everything Happens for a Reason

  1. >I believe everything in life is like a scale.There must be a balance with everything you do. Therefore, you must fear God as well as love him. Overall believe that He is the most merciful. I agree things do happen for a reason and they do lead us to different paths. I disagree on God being jealous though. He has clearly told us not to worship idols. If you feel that cigarrettes are an idol to you, than fear Him and ask for His Mercy and easily you will slowly quit. We are His children, and like children we obey our parents fully when they put a little fear into us, but at the end of the day we know we are ok because we are loved by them. There's the balance, fear and love. When we try to go back to these so called idols, we stop ourselves because we remember the fear that He has over us. He is all merciful and that's why He wants us to fear Him, so that we do good to ourselves and others, there will always be a remembrance of Him in our minds when we go to do something that we think is wrong. This should help you with your struggle. The key is to have God on your mind constantly, that is the reason we are here, to worship Him and go back to Him.I hope this helps and you get what I'm trying to say. But I do have hope for you, it can be done. God is merciful and He will forgive, your intentions are in the right place :)Love ya


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