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>The Ultimate Self Help Guide

>Although none of us like to admit it, we have all peeked inside or thought of reading a ‘self help’ book or article.  I personally have tried my own fair share of ‘self helping diets’.  I thought it was appropriate to title this blog in this way, because there really is something out there that can help you, and you can do it in the privacy of your own home…no one has to know!!  Simply follow my 3 easy steps to a New You!

Step 1:  Figure out what it is that is bothering you.
Perhaps your relationships, even those closest to you may fail you.  You may have health problems or other problems that frustrate, disappoint, and overwhelm you.  Or you have financial issues and you are barely able to keep your head above water.  You may believe that you don’t have a problem, yet you feel there is something missing, and you are just not satisfied with daily life. 

For years I had not only been craving a slimmer version of myself, but I had always felt that I was missing out on something.  I was just ho-hum.  While the diets came and went, and some worked and others didn’t, I came to a place in my life that I believed would satisfy that feeling of emptiness.  I met my husband, and to the surprise of many, was married to him in less than a year.  We had our first child, and both had real jobs.  Yet still there was something lacking.

Step 2: Open your mind to new ideas.
When you first start on a new diet, or book about a way to help you live and be better, the first thing you do is go into it open-minded.  You accept that it is possible for this to help you, and so you follow the directions step by step to hopefully arrive at the desired outcome.

I tried the ‘South Beach Diet’ about a year ago.  I got the book, read it, and followed the instructions.  Much to my surprise, I did loose about 10 pounds!  It was the fact that I followed the book religiously, and payed attention to what I was eating, and how much.  It really worked!  The only problem was that after the first 3 weeks, I lost interest and gave up.  However, I have never gained those 10 pounds back.

Step 3: Put your open-minded self on Christ.
I know it is a bold statement.  There is just no easy way around it.  If you want to accomplish things that may seem out of reach and impossible, you have to rely on someone to help you.  The best part about God is that he is in your heart.  Weather you want to show him off to others or not is up to you.  The world we live in is harsh when it comes to spirituality, and especially when it comes to Christianity.

So, how can putting your mind on Christ help you??  Honestly, because I don’t know what it is that is occupying your mind, I can’t be for certain how God will choose to help you.  But I do know that if you can open your mind (as you have done in the past for silly scams and diets) to God, then help will be provided.

Just take a moment to really put your mind on what is troubling you.  Then ask Christ to show you the way.  If you can truly focus on what you are asking, God will not be far behind in bringing you the answers you seek.

As for me, I did exactly what I am asking you to do about 7 months ago.  At that time I did not repent of my sins…I merely asked God to show me how to make my life better, so the feeling of so-so would go away.  What was troubling me was that I was never truly happy with life, or myself (hence the dieting).  My answer came quicker than I thought.  It only took about a week before my husband opened himself up to me, and we shared our thoughts like never before.

One last thought:
If you never try it, you will never know.  Why would you go to the store and buy something that is supposed to help you that you will throw away next month?  Why not try something that doesn’t cost a thing, and really trust in it, to see if it will work?


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