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>Last night, while laying in bed, a wonderful idea was presented to me. 

I had been looking at different photographers websites, and had come accross one where a very talented man had taken a different portrait picture every day, for a year.  I loved the idea, and was really excited to do something similar..but different.  So, I had been tossing around things in my head and just couldn’t come up with exactly what I wanted to do.  I don’t have access to 365 different people…so I couldn’t, nor did I want to replicate what this man had already done.

So while laying in bed, and after praying with Ethan, God put an idea in my head.  I will take portrait pictures of people..but not just anyone.  They will be saved Christians.  On one side of the book will be their photo, and on the other side will be their testimony. 

I think this will be an awesome way for the average person to be able to relate to someone who has given their life, and faith to Christ. 

I hope you will help me with this mission God has given me..please send me a message if you are interested in being in the book:


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