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>Please Daddy?

>Life is complicated.  My mother always told me that I was a high low person…my low times are really low, and my high times are really high.  She should know, because every time something horrible or great happened, she was the first person I came crying to.  She would be there for me on the phone, and let me talk it out.

Recently, and I mean, like, 3 days ago, we were blessed with some awesome news.  It was Heaven sent.  I know this to be true because of all the things that led up to it.  I have always believed that everything happens for a reason, and now, knowing that God is in control, it is more true than ever.  Whether you want to believe it or not, God is in control of your life.  All of the decisions you make are because God has a plan for you.  Even if you make a decision that leads to something horrible happening, the Lord is showing you something.

Our experiences shape who we are.  For example, today was an enormously trying day with my child.  He is three and a half, and believes that he is king of the world!  Seth and I were discussing his new found disobedience, and Seth said to him: “See, if you just obey, then you will get what you want, and more!”  The same is true for us, as adults.  As children we are taught to listen, and obey so we can live better lives without accidentally getting run over in the street, or getting cavities in our mouths. 

Should it be so different from our Father in Heaven?  He tells us to go one way..if we choose to go another, things don’t work out the way we want them to.  If we can just listen, then we will get what we want, or need, but it may take some patience, and hardship….just like children.  Ethan’s complaint was that he wanted gummy bears.  He was screaming and crying because he wanted them…but instead he got to go to his room to settle down.  After eating dinner, he had totally forgotten about the gummy bears, but his daddy reminded him, and it was all that he could do to hold back the happy dance.

That is exactly the way we felt when we heard the news about this new development in our lives.  How quickly we forget about what we want because we cannot do it in our own power.  When you put your faith in God’s hands, he will reward you with the things that you not only want, but need.  You see, we may think we have everything figured out, but in reality, you will always be learning from what is happening in your life.

We are all children…God’s children.  Whine all you want, but until you submit yourself to your Father, you will never feel the satisfaction of getting what He has to give you.


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