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>How Selfish of Me!

>It is no secret that I am addicted to Facebook.  I check it approx. every 5 minutes.  Not to mention that I also check my website stats to see if anyone has been poking around..and the hotmail account…and this blog, and anything else that will inflate my head just a bit.  (I checked my FB 5 times during the writing of this!)

It’s hard not to.  Something interesting has happened lately, though.  Because I check my Facebook so often, I get to see what everyone else is posting, that I would have missed before.  I have met some new friends, and had the pleasure of talking to some of them about our shared love of Christ.

There is also lots of prayer requesting going on in the land of Facebook.  A couple weeks ago one of my new friends posted a photo of a baby girl who was in the hospital, and close to death.  I tell you, it is not possible to see something like that and NOT stop immediately to pray. 

Sometimes I call Facebook the devil, because there have been several times when I have posted something about being a Christian and gotten nasty responses.  Lately, the devil has subsided, and angels are abounding.  This poor, sweet baby girl has been blessed by God on several occasions, and it is being witnessed by hundreds online. 

The most notable, and recent observation was a prayer posted on her wall about giving the doctors wisdom.  The day after that prayer, a new doctor arrived who specializes in her condition.  What a blessing to witness miracles taking place.  My prayers are with this baby girl, that she will grow strong and healthy, and always be comforted, and shielded from pain.

I think sometimes in our selfishness we can become humbled.  Not by our own accounts, but by God’s.  If you choose to go one way God says ok, well then THIS!  If you go the other, then THIS!  Life’s lessons aren’t always learned by trial and error.  Sometimes you can be sitting on your butt all day and learn something. 

Right now I am struggling between focusing on my photography and getting enough time in God’s Word.  I try to start every morning reading the Bible…and for the past 2 weeks, I have been doing pretty good.  My fault: looking at Facebook before the Bible.  What am I thinking?!! 

Lord, clear my mind from my thoughts, and instead place yours.  For only in you will I find the answers, and only through you will I get my satisfaction.

If you would like to post a prayer for baby Brinley or check on her status, go here:

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