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>We sat down to watch a show together tonight..something rare in our household.  I was taken aback by the cussing, sexual references, and just bad humor.  This show used to crack me up, and now it made me sad.  The thing that made me laugh the hardest was when one of the characters played dumb and didn’t understand what the other one was saying.

For the past 8 months my life has been changed…and for the better.  To the outsider I may seem prude.  I can’t watch ‘funny’ movies, because what used to be funny is now considered dumb.  Instead, movies, television, and media have opted for the updated version of funny…sex and murder.  Does this seem crazy to anyone else?

My co-worker today was telling me about a new Jack in the Box commercial that was imitating an erectile dysfunction add.  Do we really need someones private parts mentioned in a humorous way to help sell us a hamburger?  It seems as though the farther away I try to get from these things, the more they impact me when I see them.

Even worse was an article from the increasingly popular “The Onion” website.  Granted, it is satire..but there comes a time when even a fiction writer can cross a line.  The story was making fun of a man who had repented of his sins and accepted Christ as his savior while in prison.  While the author talks about how he knows that Jesus has forgiven him, he says stuff like, “I don’t regret when I was strangling that little child while the mother was watching, because now I know that I am going to Heaven.”  Trust was much more descriptive than what I just wrote.

This article was posted on a Facebook page, and unfortunately I read it..and then was very offended and wrote that on the person’s wall.  It turned into a 50 comment bashing of my Christian beliefs because I didn’t think it was all.

Hmmmm….maybe there is something to this.  Is it possible for the American people be so morally subjected every day, and still maintain an un-sinful lifestyle?  Has sin become the new wholesome family pastime?  With technology exponentially changing and every question answerable at our fingertips,  with adds popping up all around for Viagra, diet pills, and such, how can we avoid it?  Do we really want to avoid it?

I do.  You may call me a square…oh wait, you wouldn’t because that would be too old school.  Our nation is becoming desensitized to sin.  The generations emerging as young adults are doomed from the beginning.  I shudder to think of how Ethan will be treated in the world as a teenager.  If I can raise him correctly, no doubt, he will be cast out because of his beliefs.

Lord, be with our children.  Put an overwhelming sense in them to get far far away from the evil things of this world.  Instead let them be drawn to the glory of your son.


5 thoughts on “>Square!

  1. >Thank you! I am only good at writing short things..I tend to ramble when writing long ones :)..but I am compiling all of these into a book..I am going to do it yearly, so I will be able to remeber all this stuff..and it will be for sale also. 🙂


  2. >OMG! You posted about the link I posted on Facebook.If I Hadn't Found Jesus, I'd Feel Pretty Shitty About My Crimes ::,17883/Personally, (as I said in my comment), "I don't think the article is making fun of killing people as much as it is making a stab at the whole Jesus-died-for-your-sins-repent-and-proceed-to-Heaven-collect-$200 thingy."One thing I do agree with you is how the thread on my profile got a little out of hand.


  3. >Well..I'm glad we agree on something..I miss our silly times together. I find it interesting that you still read my blog..I'm happy that you are curious 🙂


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