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>I was listening to a sermon a couple days ago where the pastor was talking about his friend (we will call him Frank) who had just gotten back from a trip to China.  Frank had observed that even in this imperialistic country, there was a Christian revolution happening.  Frank visited the underground churches there, and was talking to a young girl at one of them. 

The young girl asked him, “Why aren’t all Americans Christian?”

This is a very good question..and one I would like to ponder upon.  So, I posed the question to an average American, and their response was, “Well, because it is a free country, and we can decide on what religion, or non-religion we want to be a part of”.

This answer seems logical and true..however, if you take the question from the girl, and put yourself in her shoes, isn’t she really asking, “Why would any American choose another religion, when they can be Christian?”  You see, this girl lives in a place where you are not allowed free will to choose what to worship.  She was gracefully given the opportunity to hear Christ’s message, and she is now a ‘closet Christian’.  Not because it was the only other option, but because she heard the truth, and opened her heart to receive it.

It is hard for most to understand why people who ‘believe’ in God try to ‘push’ themselves and their ‘religion’ on others.  I want to try and explain my motivation, if you should ever cross my path, and start to talk about God.

  1. I do ‘believe’ in God…but that is not what makes me Christian.  Even Satan believes in God…he used to be the worship leader in Heaven!  What makes me Christian is the fact that I have let go of who I once was, and instead, ask Christ to be my Savior, and I live for Him. 
  2. I am not trying to ‘push’ my ‘religion’ on you.  I LOVE my God, and I desire that everyone know Him the way that I do.  If a topic of conversation comes up where I have the opportunity to speak about God, you better believe I am going to!  That doesn’t mean that you MUST do as I do…if I can simply talk about what makes me happy, then you should be glad to talk to me about it.  It’s like someone telling me how much they love their child..don’t you want to know how much I love my child..or is this a one sided conversation?
  3. ‘Religion’ is not the correct term to describe what I have gotten myself into.  Religion is defined as a commitment to a religious faith or observance.  I have not made a commitment to Christianity…I have given my heart over to God.  My relationship with God is just that..a relationship.  I talk to Him on a regular basis (prayer), and He talks back.  Sometimes he answers my questions thru other people telling me something random that they would have never talked about, but suddenly they have the urge to tell me.  Sometimes He answers me with things that happen, like a new job or friend, or a dream.  After your first Godly experience, faith is not even an just know that God is there!

I can’t expect everyone to take my word for it…but by reading my words your mind is opening to the possibility that maybe there is something out there.  His Spirit will come to you when the time is right, and if you are willing. 

My only advice for you is to not take His calling lightly.  God will try to come into your life, and He will put you in situations where you can make the decision to open your heart to Christ….but one day, the opportunities will cease.  Don’t let Him pass you by.


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