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Rinse, Wash, Repeat

I got another opportunity to share my testimony tonight, and I realized some things.  At the time I was saved, my life was ‘perfect’.  I had a wonderful husband, a cutie patootie little munchkin, a house, a good job, a cool car, and extra shopping money.  Yet, something was missing.  Every day I would come home feeling like I was stuck in a never ending cycle of normal-ness.. like a whirlpool that is getting smaller and smaller. 

Wake up.  Eat breakfast.  Take E to daycare.  Go to work.  Eat lunch.  Work.  Pick E up from daycare.  Make dinner.  Eat dinner.  Give E bath.  Watch TV.  Go to bed.  Over, and over, and over, and over, and over again…every day.  I lived for the weekends, although, by the time the weekend came around, I was too tired from the week to do anything.  I had a small passion for making artwork, and occasionally sewing.  None of this really did the trick. 

The days after I was saved a whole new world opened to me.  I started reading the Bible, and listening to sermons, and Christian radio.  Suddenly I had something to live for that I couldn’t control… God.  What a relief that is!  Usually when things are outside of our control we think of them as bad.  But what if you knew that the thing you couldn’t control only wanted good for you?  What if every day turned into a surprise? 

That is exactly what has happened!  Not only has God given me something to look forward to, but He gave me a new passion: photography.  (Not to mention writing)  It is so awesome to start talking to someone about anything, and then find out that they, too, are in a relationship with the Lord.  I truly do have ‘brothers’ and ‘sisters’ all over the world.  We have something in common that cannot be explained.  How exciting is that?!

My day still looks exactly the same, but throw in some great conversation, and learning, and teaching, and now it feels totally different.  The weekends are packed with photo shoots and scripture.. and much awaited family time.  I love my family more, and pretty much everyone around me.

God has also opened my heart to others.  When I look around at the people that pass by I wonder what they are doing instead of making fun of their hair.  Most importantly, I am able to talk to people and see their inner selves.  I can connect on a deeper level.  Nothing is more exciting to me now than finding out if the person I am talking to is walking with the Lord.  If they are, great!  We could talk for hours.. if not.. I will be praying for them later.

I wish I could let you sample what only God can show you… but alas.. that is up to you.  Until you open your heart to Christ, you will never know the peace of just living.  When bad things befall you, God is there to make it right, and teach you why it happened.  And when the good times come, they are oh so much better than you can imagine. 

I have pondered and pondered about how to explain the feeling that comes from the Spirit… but truly it is impossible.  I pray that you will one day see what I have only begun to understand.  It has already been a year since I was saved, and my learning and understanding of God’s nature and our purpose in this world has just begun.  What a ride it has been.. I can’t wait to see what comes next!

But as it is written:

“ Eye has not seen, nor ear heard,
Nor have entered into the heart of man
The things which God has prepared for those who love Him.”

1 Corinthians 2:9

If you want to read my testimony, or share yours, please visit this blog I started just for that purpose:
I have already gotten one other testimony that I know will bless anyone that reads it.. I implore you!


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