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Life gets more and more interesting around here. Last Tuesday (the day after I told my boss that I would be pursuing photography), I took my son to the doctor for an eye infection. While we were there I had the doc check out another area of concern on my boy. Turns out, he needed surgery. We scheduled the surgery for this past Friday.

I started thinking about what all of this was telling me. When I quit my job, I will no longer have insurance. How coincidental that my son was diagnosed with something that we would not be able to afford without insurance the day after I took my leap of faith. God put this situation in front of us so it could be handled while we could afford it. There is even more coolness to this story, tho.

During the initial visit with the Pediatric Surgeon, he told me that he was new in town. His group has just moved here from Florida, and is the only Pediatric Surgeon outside of the Medical Center in 200 miles. Because he is so new to the area, he had openings in his schedule that would allow us to get this over with quickly, without having to go on a waiting list. Funny how God works! So, within 2 weeks of finding out the news, my boy has visited 2 doctors, had his surgery, and is recovering nicely. wouldn’t be called a leap of faith if it wasn’t truly that. We have been putting back money for a while now, and we figured that if the photography wasn’t working out, we would be able to sustain ourselves for at least 2 months. Well..when we checked in at the hospital for my son’s surgery, we had to pay our deductible, in full. It was exactly the amount we had stored away…leaving us with no savings.

I’m kinda laughing at the situation. Actually, I am laughing at myself. How can I say I am taking a ‘Leap of Faith’ when I have a back-up plan? Isn’t the point to put all my faith in God, and lean on him to sustain us? It’s true that I have given my trust to him, and until all this happened, I thought for sure that I was doing it the right way. Did Moses have a backup plan when he lead the Israelites thru the parted Red Sea? Nope. He did what God led him to do, and of course, when God tells you to do something, you better believe that He will finish it.

So, once again, I am telling you out there that I am taking that ‘Leap of Faith’. This time there is no back up plan, and I will be putting all my trust, hope, and faith in my Savior. I just love how God always finds a way to tell me stuff. Whether it’s obvious at the time, or reflecting on the events of the past, He is in control. He always reinforces His will for me, and thru this time in my life I am expecting hardships, and trials, but also happy endings. All along the way, I will need, and want, to put my eyes on Him for guidance. I am so excited!

Proverbs 3:

“5 Trust in the LORD with all your heart
and lean not on your own understanding;
6 in all your ways submit to him,
and he will make your paths straight.”


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