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The Drought

Ok, so I bet you are all wondering about the whole previous boss and design gig, huh?  Well, an amazing thing happened… I was given favor in the eyes of the company I am doing this side biz for, and they wrote up a contract with me.  It explicitly states that I am not an architect, and that I am in charge of overseeing all future work and projects that they build in the foreseeable future.  Pretty sweet.. basically I am their project manager.. but I won’t be doing any drawings or coordination between Architect and Contractors.. just keeping them in line with what the client wants.

One of the things that God has been speaking to me about is that I am in the process of learning something.  During the women’s study we talked about ‘spiritual droughts’.  It’s true that I have been feeling like the presence of God was there, but not as strong as in months past.  It’s like I am in a drought in my personal relationship with God.  There is only one thing to do when this happens.. pray, and read your Bible.  So that is what I have been doing.

I’ve said it before, and I will say it again.. it’s funny how you always read something in your Bible that corresponds with what is going on in your life at that moment.  That is why it is called ‘the Living Word’.  Well, I just so happened to be reading about Moses, leading the people thru the dessert.  They had no food, no water, and no trust in what was going on.  Moses could only rely on the fact that God was in control.  God provided the food, the water, and after 40 years, their clothes had not been worn out, and their shoes were just like new.

Lesson: lean on God, and don’t worry about what is going on, and when the drought will end.. God is in control, not me.  I have to be reminded of this over and over again.. so it was perfect that right after Deuteronomy came Numbers.. so I could re-live the whole thing over again, and be reminded that the only sure thing in life is that God is in control.  Have I mentioned before that God likes to tell me things multiple times?  Or is it just that I am stubborn and have to be told more than once?

There has also been a photography drought going on since I started doing the side business… not to mention the actual physical drought outside.  I can say, though, that this drought is nearing it’s end, as I have gotten a couple leads the past few days.  The end of this drought has coincided with me finishing the book of Numbers.. and moving on..  and I am so ready for the next lesson already!

I have been stuck in this mental rut of how photography, a gift given to me when I was saved, would be able to glorify Him.  I keep thinking that God will present me with opportunities to speak to the people I meet about Jesus.. but no opportunities appear.  Trying to create them wouldn’t work, because it is only thru the Spirit that I would be able to talk with any confidence or authority about Jesus.  So I just kept praying.

While I was reading the Bible, I got the message that I am not necessarily supposed to be telling these people about Him, but just to keep those people in my prayers.. that someday they would know him.  Everyone needs prayer, and I am good at finding out what people need, just by talking to them.  I have always been a people person, and someone who can look into your heart to find the truth.. now I know why I was given that gift.  I’m like a super secret God spy!  LOL

Anyway, this morning during church I was given another clue as to why God gave me photography.  At the very end of the sermon, the band played while volunteers came up with writing on some cardboard.  On one side was who they were.  On the other side was who they are now, thru the grace of God.  I couldn’t stop crying, and it felt like the Spirit was all around us.  I don’t think there was a dry eye in the whole place.  After service we came home to eat lunch, and I was scheduled to go back to take pictures during the baptisms… so I decided to leave early so I could take pics of the ‘cardboard testimonies’.  Trust me when I say that these pictures have already changed at least one life… and that is all I could ever hope for.

Thank you Lord for giving me this gift to share with the world, your perfect love, one picture at a time.

“8 For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God— 9 not by works, so that no one can boast.”  Ephesians 2


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