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Visionary Family

We attended a conference at our new church this weekend all about parenting and it was FANTASTIC!  Rob Rienow is excellent at diving into the word to show us where God gives clear direction of what we should be doing as parents to pour Christ into the lives of our kids.  So, of course I was thinking of you all.  I wanted to share this audio and these videos because I think we all need encouragement sometimes, especially biblical encouragement.  If you get a chance, listen & watch them together as husband and wife, so you can discuss.
My husband and I were so blessed by this man’s ministry to bring the family back to the center of evangelism.  How can we expect to evangelize the world, or even our neighbors if we can’t evangelize our sons and daughters?  Our family has already made and implemented practical ways of bringing the Bible and prayer into our home, and we are seeing the changes God is bringing…  I know you all will, too!!

2 thoughts on “Visionary Family

    • I will! It’s amazing how just praying in the morning before I wake up my son will change things!! My husband was already reading a chapter of the Bible each night to my son, but now we are making it a family thing, and then praying as a family afterward. There has been a much needed peace in our home since we heard the truth that God poured out through you. 🙂 Thanks again!!


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