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My God-Sized Dream


I don’t normally reference other blogs or people other than theologians.. not because I’m stuck up, but because it has to do with what I desire to see happen out there.  Well, I was perusing another blogger’s blog and saw a sticker on her page for ‘Dream God-Sized Dreams’, and I clicked it.  That took me to Holly Gerth’s blog page where I started reading about other women’s God-sized dreams.  It made me stop and think: what is my dream?

What dream lies in my heart because of what God has done for me?

I dream that we as a church would be unified because of what Christ has done on our behalf, that we would get back to the roots of the original church – trusting in God, not man.

I’m not a person who watches the news, or even TV much for that matter.  I made a conscious decision almost 3 years ago that I would give my subconscious a rest when it came to constantly being fed worldly goods thru commercials and sick humor.  What I do instead is occasionally watch a movie on Netflix or the latest Ninja-go cartoon with my son.  On any given day you will find me writing a blog or doing a study on something in the Bible.  I have been blessed with photographic and design talents that pay the bills without having to go in for a 9-5 each day, although sometimes I wish I could leave my work at work and not bring it home.

Because of the time I have in between jobs I get to study.. a bunch.. and I like to listen to theologians and philosophers talk about what was going on when different parts of the Bible were being written.  It helps to know the history of the author because then you can put into context what the message is referring to.  The thing that has been brought to my brain over and over again is that God is sovereign.  This is where my dream comes in to play.

I find myself disturbed by the notion that man has the power to chose whether or not to be saved, and that it is possible to lose one’s salvation.  To believe this is to say that God is not powerful enough to get you, or keep you.  It saddens me.  I know my God is all powerful, Creator, Sustainer, and Savior.  His will cannot be changed.

I dream that many would come to know Christ through the study of God’s Word.

That being said, I know that the only way for people to understand the truth about who God is, and how He works, is to read the Bible.  That is my goal for this blog, though I have often thought of adding to it.  I wanted to create a place where an active Bible study is being held.  Not just a line here or there, but a line-by-line read through each book.  We cannot be expected to learn and retain what is written in the Bible if we pick and chose verses at random.  Each line is written in context to the one before and after it.  Just like if you took one of these sentences out of my blog, it wouldn’t tell you everything that is written here, though you could get an idea.

I dream that I would be used to help others struggling with questions about God and life.

I want this blog, and my life, to be an open book.  I have been through so much in this life as a child of the world.  I didn’t know my savior until I was 29, and the world I came from chewed me up and spit me out.  I want to help people who struggle with the same things I’ve struggled with.  I want them to know that there is hope out there, but it is not found inside of you.  I want the reader to be able to ask a question, any question, and know that it can be answered.

Most of all I dream that my life would be dedicated to the things of God, and that I would be filled with His words, His thoughts, and His dreams.  I know that He has made me who I am for a reason, and it’s exciting to see Him work and build layer upon layer to me for His glory.

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