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Christians Get Depressed Too (part 3)

(a 5 part series by Head Heart Hand Ministries)

Timika has probably been depressed for many years. Only recently, however, did she recognize it and begin to seek spiritual, psychological, and physical help. A nurse educator, she now recognizes the opportunity she has to prevent her students suffering in the same way.

This film also looks at the unique challenges faced by the African American Community in dealing with mental health issues. Thabiti Anyabwile brings a unique pastoral expertise and Helen Brent speaks with the wisdom of decades spent working as a mental health nurse in the inner city. Sadly (for us), this lovely Christian lady passed away just a few months ago, but we rejoice with hope that she has gone to enjoy eternal light, life, and love.


From the makers:

This series of films from HeadHeartHand Media presents five Christians with five very different stories of depression and of how God gave them hope and help to recover. Each 35-40 minute episode tells the story of one such Christian. Their reflections are intercut with interview footage from six counselors representing a wide range of Christian knowledge and experience. While the pain of depression is evident, the overall tone is hopeful and practical.

We’re convinced that this holistic and biblical approach to depression will equip churches to minister to depressed Christians with greater understanding, compassion, and effectiveness.  The unique combination of narrative and teaching will be a great resource for any individual, family, congregation, or small group, and will serve as a helpful supplement to the book, Christians Get Depressed Too.

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