Study through the book of Joshua

Scripture Topic
Joshua 1:1-9 Exchange of Leadership
Joshua 1:10-18 Ready the People
Joshua 2 Rahab and The Spies
Joshua 3 Crossing the Jordan
Joshua 4 Memorial Stones
Joshua 5 New Generation
Joshua 6 The Fall of Jericho
Joshua 7 Israel Defeated / Achan’s Sin
Joshua 8 The Fall of Ai
Joshua 9 The Gibeonite Deception
Joshua 10:1-15 The Sun Stands Still
Joshua 10:16-43 Conquests of Southern Canaan
Joshua 11 & 12 War and Rest
Joshua 13 Land Still to be Taken
Joshua 14 Division of the Land
Joshua 15 Allotment for Judah
Joshua 16 &17 Allotment for Joseph
Joshua 18 Allotment for Benjamin
Joshua 19 Remaining Allotments
Joshua 20 Cities of Refuge
Joshua 21 Towns for the Levites
Joshua 22 Eastern Tribes Return Home
Joshua 23 Joshua’s Farewell
Joshua 24 Covenant Renewed

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