The Gospels

synoptic vine

Matthew Mark Luke John
A Preview of Who Jesus Is
Luke’s Purpose in Writing 1:1-4
John’s Prologue 1:1-18
Jesus’ Lineage thru Joseph & Mary 1:1-17  3:23b-38
The Early Years of John the Baptist
John’s Birth Foretold 1:5-25 
Jesus’ Birth Foretold 1:26-38 
Mary’s Visit to Elizabeth 1:39-45
Mary’s Song 1:46-56
John’s Birth, Zechariah’s Song 1:57-80
The Early Years of Jesus Christ 
Jesus’ Birth Explained to Joseph 1:18-25
The Birth of Jesus 2:1-21 
Jesus Presented in the Temple 2:22-38
The Visit of the Magi 2:1-12
The Escape & The Return from Egypt 2:13-23 2:39-40
The Boy Jesus at the Temple 2:41-52
Ministry Begins 
John’s Message & Baptism 3:1-10 1:1-6 3:1-14 
John Baptizes Jesus 3:11-17  1:7-11 3:15-23a
Jesus Tested in the Wilderness 4:1-11 1:12-13 4:1-13 

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